Security Awareness Training

Nothing puts your company’s cybersecurity to the test like exposure to a real threat – unless you participate in Sixwatch’s security awareness training. We’ll help your team understand the risks surrounding your business, without the stress and pressure of a real-life incident. Set your business up for success and have some fun while you do it!

Cybersecurity and IT Training

Sound security starts with your team.

Paying for cybersecurity products and services is only worthwhile if your business can actively and appropriately respond to an incident. And with IBM’s study showing that human error was a major contributing cause in 95% of all breaches, it’s critical for your business to invest in your people as well as products.

Security isn’t optional. That’s why Sixwatch offers security awareness training with our cybersecurity services to ensure your business data and employees are protected.

Sixwatch offers comprehensive, interactive IT training to teams of all sizes geared towards educating your employees, providing guidance through realistic exercises and resources for ongoing support and questions. We’ll establish goals with your business, benchmark vulnerabilities, facilitate exercises that encourage active participation and debrief with solutions that can help protect you beyond our training. However, you’ll never be entirely on your own with Sixwatch – we’ve always got your back and will be available as a resource and line of support should anything arise or your staff wants to refresh their knowledge.

Reasons to Invest in Security Training

  • Decrease Risk Levels
  • Increase Team Accountability
  • Address Vulnerabilities
  • Receive On-the-Spot Guidance
  • Feel More Confident
  • Develop Threat Response Protocols
security awareness training

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