Managed Security Services

Security isn’t optional in business. That’s why Sixwatch offers comprehensive managed security services built to grow with you.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

The best way to protect your business is to put your security to the test. However, you’re far better off if you have professional managed security services experts testing your security instead of cybercriminals. Sixwatch can help you discover your business’s vulnerabilities and create a game plan to mitigate risk. We’ll also strategize bringing your infrastructure into compliance and maintain these solutions on your behalf.

Managed Security Consulting

The only way to have your business remain secure is to understand what poses a threat to you and how to proactively protect against them. That’s where Sixwatch cybersecurity consulting comes in. We’ll discuss your vulnerabilities, assess your risk level and discuss solutions available within your desired budget. Whether it’s ransomware, phishing, stolen passwords, or any other type of attack, we can get you protected.

Cloud Security

Transitioning to the cloud is a worthwhile step to reduce expenses, streamline productivity and improve collaboration. But it also requires data encryption and preventative security measures to ensure your business remains safe. Our team is skilled at creating secure cloud network solutions that fuel a more intuitive workday, no matter where or when that may be.

Security Awareness Training

Having cybersecurity isn’t enough if the threat is let into your business through the front door. We’ll teach your team how to identify potential threats and help you create an easy-to-follow protocol that your employees can utilize to defend against potential threats. You’ll reduce your downtime and maintain your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable business.

Our innovative technology partners help us help you grow.

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The managed security services you need to bridge your goals with the technology available.

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