About Sixwatch IT Support

Growing businesses with strategic technology initiatives for over 25 years.

Our Culture is Our Foundation

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Our Passion

To help businesses harness their technology and use it to power their growth.

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Our Goal

To deliver impeccable services while showing genuine care for our clients and team members.

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Our Values

Open and clear communication, building trust by following through and committing to continuous improvement.

Gain the IT support partner you need to bridge your goals with the technology available.

How Sixwatch Began

The best thing about Sixwatch is that it was built for owners and leaders in business, by a business owner himself. A business owner for over 25 years, our founder, John Owens, understood the challenges of finding competent vendors and partners. Having hired dozens of IT services over the years only to be disappointed, he struggled to find a service that understood his business needs and goals. All of them over-promised, under-delivered and most failed to truly have his back when he needed them. It is for this very reason that Sixwatch was born.

At Sixwatch, we realize the challenges behind finding a technology business partner that is competent, trustworthy and consistent. We understand the needs of growing companies and designed Sixwatch specifically to serve SMEs  and their consulting, managed IT and security needs. Currently we proudly serve the Tampa, Sarasota, and other surrounding areas in Florida.

Want a technology partner who has your back?

We’ve Got Your Back

The name Sixwatch is our nod to our commitment and dedication to our customers’ experience. The saying “got your six” dates back to World War I when fighter pilots would use “six o’clock” to indicate the rear of the aircraft. The six o’clock position is a highly vulnerable blind spot for attacks which created a need for partnership and comradery to ensure safety in battle. When someone says they’ve “got your six,” it means they have your back through good and bad. They’re protecting you and watching out for your interests as if they were their own. It affirms loyalty and commitment — and that’s the Sixwatch way.

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The Sixwatch Standard

The Sixwatch Standard is our guarantee to our clients what they can expect day in and day out. By partnering with Sixwatch, you are promised a customized experience focused on your business’s wellness and growth. You will receive top-tier security and managed IT services with a smile, as well as a committed partner from the initial conversation until the end of your contract. We will defend, support and advise you as a true partner should. Because, at Sixwatch, we’ve got your back.